Ideas to Make Mom feel Special on Mother’s Day!

There is nothing a mom likes more than receiving a homemade gift from their child. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on extravagant gifts.  Taking the time to make something from the ‘heart’ will mean 10x’s more to mom!

Here are are few of my favourite ideas that are sure to melt your mom’s heart!

I Love You Because…I Love You Because

A super easy craft to make and appropriate for any age.  Trace your hand onto 3-5 different colours of construction paper.  Cut them out and write your reasons why you love mom on each hand.  Assemble like the picture into a bouquet of flowers and you have a great keepsake for mom!

Mommy Hand Prints

Mommy Hand Prints

This oh so cute poem is great for a young child.  Using finger paints, “stamp” your child’s hands onto a piece of paper that has already been printed with the poem.  If you child can print their name, have them do so at the bottom of the page (or if they are too young, you can do it for them).




Planter PotMom Pot

A hand painted planter pot is always a great idea for mom!

Be sure to plant her favourite flower in the pot too!


Other ways to show Mom you love her…

  1. Give her the “day off”!! No household chores for mom – make the meals, clean the dishes, clean the house, whatever chores need to be done so she can relax.
  2. Go on a walk together.  Have a favourite park or place to visit? Spend the day together just enjoy nature and each other’s company.
  3. Breakfast in Bed – when was the last time that mom didn’t have to get out of bed early.  Let her relax and bring her breakfast to her in bed.  Don’t forget to put a cute note or flower on the tray!
  4. Plant flowers in the garden together. Then all summer long they will remind her of you!
  5. Give mom an “at home spa”! Paint her nails and toes, make her some herbal tea, play soothing music.  There are lot’s of ways to make her feel pampered!

No matter how you show mom that you love her this Mother’s Day, if it comes from the heart, she will love it!


Amber is “The Event Mom” with over 14 years of experience in event planning specializing in parties for children.  Connect with Amber at

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