Party Planning Checklist

Organizing a birthday party (or any party) does not need to be a stressful activity. With some pre-planning, you can be sure to stay on track and not find yourself stressed out 2 days before the big day trying to get everything done.

Starting 6-8 weeks ahead of time is a great idea, especially if you are looking to book a facility or entertainment. Leaving it too close to the big day, could result in disappointment as all your choices are booked up and not available.

Here is a handy checklist courtesy of Par-T-Perfect you can use to keep your planning on track (and on time!). image

Spacing out the “To Do” list over a number of weeks helps keep everything organized (and less stress for you!).

Amber Dinda is “The Event Mom” with over 14 years experience in Event Planning specializing in celebrations for children. To keep up to date on party planning ideas, tips and tricks, please subscribe to this blog to be notified when new information is posted. Amber can be reached by email at

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