A – Z’s of Birthday Party Planning!

There is lot’s to think about when planning a party for your kids.  Here is a handy A-Z list you can use as a reference to help kick start the planning process!

Ask your child what theme or party activities excite them. You may have a theme in mind, but does your child really like it or relate to it?

Bubbles are great at parties – fun for all ages!

Cake is a must at a birthday party.  It can also be one of the activities, kids can decorate their own cupcakes.

Decorating made easy with lots of balloons!

Entertainment makes the party easier for you (clowns, bouncy castles, magic shows…). Enlist help to take the stress off you.

Food is best kept simple and mini size is so much fun (mini sandwiches, mini hotdogs, fruit and veggies cut into mini shapes…)

Goodie bags are given at the end, give 1 larger item like a ball, book, gift card to a bookstore or restaurant or a something like a Par-T-Pet stuffing kit instead of a bag full of throwaway toys and candy.

Hire someone or ask a friend to help you setup, serve food, decorate and help with kids. You don’t have to do everything on your own.  Friends or family members will be happy to help.

Invite a manageable number of kids, 30 kids at a party in your house can get busy and overwhelm your child.

Jellybean guess is a great activity and doubles as a table centerpiece.

Keep it simple, kids just want to play with their friends and have fun, they don’t need 20 different things all going on at the same time.

Laugh often, afterall, laughter is the best medicine!!

Music is a must, it really makes a party!

Never make the party longer than a couple of hours (to help save your sanity!), more than 2-3 hours total and kids will get tired and cranky. For kids 3 and under, 1.5 hours is lots of time.

Open presents at the end or after the guests have left so your child can appreciate them.

Pictures are a great memory and make great thank you cards.

Quiet ideas are great ie: storytime, crafts, playdough to calm down an excited group.

Remember to let the birthday child go first in games, first slice of cake etc., as it is their special day!

Save the cards from presents and write on the back what the gift was, makes writing thank you cards much easier.

Tattoos and face painting are fun for all ages, encourage parents to get involved too.

Use things from around the house to make toss games, relay games etc.

Very unexpected things can happen, be prepared for extra guests (siblings, neighbours).

Well planned parties turn out best, make sure you have a rain plan if outdoors.

X-citement is contagious – be prepared for high energy!

Yes – you can do it!  And don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Zzzzz be sure everyone, especially the birthday child gets a good night sleep the night before.  Happy well rested children (and parents) will go a long way to having a successful party!

Amber is an award winning children’s party and event planner with over 14 years experience planning and hosting 1000’s of parties over the years with every theme imaginable.  Her team of Par-T-Leaders at Par-T-Perfect will help you keep the kids busy and entertained so you have time to sit back, relax, mingle with guests, take pictures and enjoy your child’s special day!   For more information and a free quote, email Amber at: fun4kids@par-t-perfect.com or by phone at 905-510-5102.

Canada’s only national children’s party and event service.



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