Weekend Wrap Up – We are now OUTSIDE! FIRST SIGN OF SPRING!!!

This past weekend was full of birthday party fun and we FINALLY got to do our first OUTDOOR event of the season!!!  This first outdoor event to me is the sure sign of spring.  Yes, it was chilly, but the sun is much stronger now (which helps it feel warmer than it is), the sky was a beautiful blue with only a few white puffy clouds and there was no wind to deal with (especially welcomed after that crazy wind storm last week).  All the ingredients were there for the official start of spring (by our terms anyhow!).

So what does a bouncy castle setup outside on the first weekend of April look like?  Rainbow CastleWell…….here it is.  You would never know the high temperature for the day was only 3C!

The kids had so much fun – they bounced for over an hour, then went indoors for Glitter Tattoos and Balloon Animals.  Once they were done inside with the activities, they wanted to go back outside for more fun in the bouncy castle.

So my advice, dress your kids warm and let them play – they weren’t cold and they had a blast!!

Now, for those who do not want to be outside, unless it is a minimum of 15C, well there is an option for that too!  One of our other birthday parties was held at a local community centre, which is a perfect (and affordable) option if you don’t want 16 kids in your house!!


And yes, you can setup bouncy castles indoors!!!  Add on Glitter Tattoos, balloon animals and some group games, and you have everything you need for a fun filled party!

And last but not least, our Par-T-Pets had fun this weekend too!  The kids had so much fun adopting their new pets.  The ‘sea’ of stuffing in the middle of the group made it easy for all 27 (yes 27!) kids to reach the stuffing to fill up their pets.  Kids went home with unicorns, snow leopards, huskies, cats, dragons and more!


The best part?  Par-T-Pets double as the loot bag, complete with an adoption certificate.  How cute is that?

We had a great time this past weekend, celebrating lot’s of fun birthday’s!  Happy Birthday to everyone who celebrated with us and thank you for including us in your celebrations!!!

Happy Birthday

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