Winter Olympics Theme Party

The Winter Olympics are less than a month away.  A time that comes around every 4 years and the entire country comes together to cheer on Team Canada.

It is also a great time to host a Winter Olympics themed party!  This can be a birthday party, a viewing party, a hockey team party, a school event or just because!  Here are some of my favourite things to include so you have an awesome time!

Olympic InviteInvitations – these can be made easily on a free to use site like Canva (  Upload your pictures, use one of the ready to go templates and in less than 30 minutes, you will have your very own invite to email our or print to give to your guests.  Or you can even download to share on social media right away!

Olympic Table DecorationsDecorations – keep to the 5 colours of the Olympic Rings (blue, yellow, black, green, red) and you can’t go wrong! Table covers, plates, napkins, streamers, balloons etc.  If you use these five colours, all will be co-ordinated.  You can even have an “Athlete Check In” desk along with your very own podium!  And be sure to give them an Athlete Passport when they arrive. Download a template here:  Olympic PassportOlympics Decor

Or if you really want to go out, get a company like Par-T-Perfect arrange for some cool balloon decor! Olympic Balloons

Food – the options are endless!  You can do an “around the world” buffet with dishes from different countries.  Or have foods grouped by colours in the Olympic rings.  Ice cream cones make great holders for cheezies/popcorn and double as “Olympic Torches” too!

Mini Sticks Rink.jpgActivities – what is a party without games?  The list is endless, relay games, matching games with Olympic colours, mini hockey sticks, biatholon target shooting with nerf guns, ring toss and more!  Check out Par-T-Perfect’s Olympic Challenge event for a full service kids party with party leaders to host it all!

Olympic Torch CraftCrafts – what else but an Olympic Torch?  Easy to make and a must at an Olympic themed party!!  Brown construction paper wrapped into a “holder” and then stuff with yellow, red and orange torn pieces of tissue paper (gluing inside the torch holder for added security).

At the end, don’t forget the medal presentations.  You can get medals at your local dollar store or party store.  If you set up a podium, award medals to the top finishers in each sport (game you played).

With a little bit of prep and creativity, you can host an amazing Olympics party!


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