5 ideas to decorate for a party that make you look like a pro….but don’t cost a fortune!

The party is booked, theme is chosen, activities are planned and the only thing left to do is the decorations.

But….you aren’t very crafty, or aren’t creative or don’t want to spend a fortune on decorations that are just going to get torn down and thrown out after.

No worries!  Here are 5 great ideas that are simple and easy to do and friendly on the wallet too!  PLUS, they will make you look like Martha Stewart gave you the ideas (or maybe came and did it for you!!).

PLASTIC TABLE COVERS – okay we all know these look ‘horrid’ when just put on top of a table.  They just sort of sit there.  Did you know you can dress these boring plastic sheets to look like a whole lot more?  You can ruffle the table cover to make a beautiful skirt that covers the underside of the table.  Fold the table cover 2/3 of the way up so you have 1/3 of it hanging over.  Then gather it taping to the table as you go to make a ‘ruffled’ look.  Put a plain table cloth on top with a runner and presto – you have a table that went from boring to amazing!

ruffle table cover

PLASTIC TABLE COVERS (but not for tables) – did you know you can use rolls of table covers to create an amazing ceiling?  Simply drape long pieces from a center point in the ceiling out to the outer edges. Fasten with double sided tape, add a bunch of balloons in the centre and you instantly have an amazing looking ceiling!

table cover ceiling

MAKE BALLOONS LOOK LIKE CANDIES – any fun theme would look amazing with these giant candies!!  Blow up large round balloons, wrap with cello wrap (the roles you would buy to make a gift basket), gather each end and tie with ribbon and then hang from the ceiling!

candy balloons

STREAMERS, STREAMERS, STREAMERS – oh so many uses for streamers!!!  Get a variety of colours and make a rainbow backdrop on a wall and instantly make your buffet table the centre piece of the room!  Add some balloons at the top and wow!  Or use streamers in the same way as the table covers above and make amazing looking ceilings. Or you can even make palm trees!  Cut out leaves with construction paper, add some balloon ‘coconuts’ and use drape streamers to the floor for the tree trunk.  So many options!

rainbow streamers     streamer ceiling     palm tree streamers

GLOW STICKS – there are so many things to you can do with glow sticks!  Put them in balloons to light them up! Attach them to your ceiling fan and when it’s turned on, it make a cool effect.  Use glow stick bracelets as rims for cups!  So many ideas!

glow stick balloons     glow stick ceiling fan     glow stick cups

A trip to the dollar store will be all you need to create all of these amazing, inexpensive and awesome looks for your next party!

In the coming weeks, watch for blogs on specific themes – ideas for food, games and decorations to match the theme!

Looking for party entertainment to match a theme?  Be sure to check out Par-T-Perfect for all your kids party needs!

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