5 Unique Twists for the Traditional Easter Egg Hunt!

Are you planning to hide eggs this weekend for your kids to hunt for?  Or do you lay them all out in plain site for them to see and then it’s a dash and go to get as many as possible? Are you looking for some ideas to change it up this year and do something different?  Here are my favourite 5 twists on the traditional Easter egg hunt!

Scavenger Hunt – if your kids are older, this option is a great one.  They have to read clues to find their eggs.  Here’s a great printable of clues courtesy of Jelly Bean Jam.

Coloured Eggs – each child gets a bucket and they can only look for eggs the same colour as their bucket.

easter eggs

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt – hold the egg hunt at night instead of in the morning (or in a dark room if in the morning).  Put glow sticks inside the eggs and watch them light up!


Easter Egg Puzzle – kids collect their eggs and inside each one is a puzzle piece.  Once they find all the eggs, they have to put the puzzle together which will have a message of where they can find their baskets of treats.  Great activity for siblings to work together!

egg puzzle     egg puzzle solved

Reverse Egg Hunt – let the kids hide the eggs and the adults have to go and find them (and then of course share the prizes!!).  Young kids love to try and stump the adults!!

Happy Egg Hunting!!!  Happy Easter!!!

Be sure to check out other blog posts for local Easter events for the whole family!

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