Why I left a Bay Street Career to create kids parties…

Many people thought I was crazy when I announced I was quitting my high paying corporate career on Bay Street.

It was early 2005 and I was getting ready to finish my maternity leave with my second child, when one morning while sitting in the park watching my two young children play in the sandbox, that I had one of those “hit you over the head” type of moments – I didn’t want to miss this.  I didn’t want to go back to my cubicle in the sky in downtown Toronto, commuting on the GO Train to the downtown rat race while someone else got to raise my kids and watch them discover new things each day.  As I sat in the park sobbing uncontrollably, that’s when I decided, corporate life was not for me – I needed something more.

I went home and began to think of things I could do that allowed me to be home for my children, gave me the career satisfaction that I was accustomed to in corporate life, gave me the opportunity to make a difference and was something I enjoyed.  Oh, and it needed to provide an income too – still had a mortgage, bills etc that have to be paid!

So the list began, what is something I can do that will help solve a problem for others, make people feel good and I will feel like I was helping someone.

Items on the list always came back to something related with kids.  I loved being a mom (relatively new, kids were 4 and 1), in high school I dreamed of being a teacher and I loved planning parties!  So with all of those ideas holding a common thread in my list, “kids party planner” was a natural answer.

So how does one become a kids party planner?  I didn’t have any clients, I didn’t have a company and quite frankly I hadn’t planned any parties other than the few I had done for my own kids but I had a love for kids and a need and want to make people happy.

Eventually through all the sole searching and researching, my husband and I found Par-T-Perfect, a company specially designed at entertaining kids.  Perfect!  And they were looking for a franchisee in my area!  It was like all the stars had aligned.  So, after a few months of interviews, training, setting up my new company and getting ready for my new career path, I opened my doors on July 1st, 2005.

12 years later I have not looked back.  I have not once regretted the decision to leave Bay Street, I have watched my kids grow up and more important, I was a part of it all.  I now get to help busy moms, event organizers, store owners, PTA’s, or anyone else that has to plan a party or event for kids.  I get to create lasting memories for 1000’s of kids and their families every year.  I get to feel rewarded for the work that I do.  The smile on a kid’s face when they look at themselves in the mirror after being transformed into a superhero, princess or something else is priceless.  That feeling is something I never would have in my Bay Street cubicle in the sky.

I left Bay Street to make a difference in the world.  I create fun and happy events with memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. That is why I left Bay Street.

Please connect with me on my website, Facebook or Twitter.  I love to share stories about life as a mom, life with kids, anything to do with parties and more!





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