Party Games & Activities that Won’t Destroy Your House!

Having a kids party at home?  Need some ideas for games to play or activities to do that aren’t going to destroy your house?

No worries!  You can keep busy, having fun and not feel like at tornado has gone through your house by the end of it!

CRAFTS, CRAFTS, CRAFTS!!!!  These are the easiest to do and will keep the kids contained to one area, engaged and not running around.  Setup the crafts on the kitchen table (easy clean up if it’s on tile floors!) or if in another area, put a drop cloth underneath.  Worried about mess – then don’t use glitter (that makes a HUGE mess!!).  Make a sample ahead of time or have pictures so the kids have an idea of what the craft is – but don’t try to insist they make exactly what you have shown them.  Kids need to express their creativity and if they make something entirely different, that’s okay too!

GROUP CIRCLE GAMES – are great to keep the kids engaged and in one spot.  Games like broken telephone, hot potato, Duck Duck Goose are just some of the games you can play and are fun for a wide range of ages.

SCAVENGER HUNT – this can be a generic one or themed.  Create a list of items for the kids to find, give them the list on a clipboard, a zippy bag to collect items and a pen/pencil. Assign each item a point value and send them off.  They can be items to find in your house or send them into the backyard to find things there too.

CUPCAKE DECORATING – have some budding pastry chefs in your midst?  Bring them all into the kitchen and have them decorate their own cupcake.  Bake the cupcakes ahead of time and have the icing already in disposable decorating bags.  Have some toppings in small bowls and let them create!

Watch for future blog posts that will give you descriptions, instructions and resources for a wide variety of games and activities.  Subscribe to my blog at the bottom of the page to keep updated when there is a new post.  Join the community and discussion on my Facebook page The Event Mom.  Party ideas, mom life and life with kids and more!

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