5 Ways to Save $$ when Hosting a Birthday Party!

On a budget? Don’t want to spend a lot of money on a birthday party?

There are lot’s of ways to entertain without breaking the bank!

  1. DON’T invite the entire class!!!  Whoever made up this rule that you have to invite the whole class to your kids party is WRONG!  My rule of thumb, you invite the number of kids for the age they are turning.  If your child is turning 6, then invite 6 kids.  It’s overwhelming for a 6 year old to have 30 kids at their party.   Instead, have a small party with the kids they play with the most.  If you still feel guilty about not having everyone, then send in cupcakes or treats on your child’s birthday to share with the class (of course if your school doesn’t allow outside food – that’s an entire other blog post! then send pencils/erasers/stickers from the dollar store).
  2. Have the party at home.  It’s expensive to go out and do an activity.  Having the party at home, you can have the kids make and decorate their own cupcakes – you can buy cake mix and icing for under $3.  Play games at home (watch for another blog post on games to play at home parties).  Kids can even make the decorations and then you hang up their artwork and presto – you have decorations.  Check out your local dollar store for all sorts of inexpensive craft supplies.
  3. Have the party between meals so you don’t have to feed the kids a big meal – all you will need are juice boxes and some snacks.  This saves money on expensive pizzas, sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers etc.  For younger children, have the party from 10-11:30am.  They have had breakfast at home already, and will be going home for lunch and then naps.  For older children who don’t nap anymore, the sweet spot is 2-4pm.   Kids had lunch at home and then will have dinner at home.  Again, some snacks and juice boxes is all you need!
  4. Don’t spend a lot of money on junk for loot bags.  Even shopping at the dollar store, by the time you purchase 5-6 items, tissue, bags and ribbon you will easily have spent at least $5 or more per child.  That adds up quickly!  And most of those things get thrown out as soon as the kid gets home.  Instead, have the kids do a craft at the party and then they take that home as their “loot bag”.  One of my favourites is silly putty!  All you need is white glue, shaving cream, some saline solution “magic solution” and a couple of drops of food colouring.
  5. If you aren’t able to have the party at home, there are lot’s of things to do outside that are FREE!  Go to a local park and play a game of soccer or baseball or play some relay games.  Go to a splash pad if it’s hot outside.  In the winter, go tobogganing, ice skating on an outdoor rink.  Go on a scavenger hunt in the park.  So many possibilities!

Having a birthday party does not need to cost a lot!  By using your imagination and a few ideas, you can put together an amazing party and keep the cost within your budget.

Want to be inspired with more party ideas, tips and tricks?  Be sure to sign up for more blog posts below.  Also check out my facebook page “The Event Mom” which is a community of sharing and helping busy moms plan parties along with all sorts of fun stuff for moms and life with kids.

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