1st Birthday Party Ideas

Congratulations!  Your little baby is turning 1!!  Where did the time go?  Of course, many want to celebrate this momentous occasion with a celebration!

In my 12 years of organizing kids events, I have seen EVERYTHING from the small family pot luck get together to a lavish affair at a banquet hall with 300 people in attendance rivaling a fancy wedding complete with video footage, fire juggling contortionists and more!

Now, you don’t need to to go to those extremes to have a memorable event, since of course the baby is not going to remember anything, but you can certainly celebrate in style with as much or as little as it suits your style and of course, budget.

First birthday parties often involve children of all ages in attendance, so entertaining them can be a challenge.  How do you find activities that a 3 year old and a 10 year old will enjoy?  Variety, is the key to success with kids activities.   If your event is in the summer, a backyard BBQ is great.  Kids can play with bubbles, colour with sidewalk chalk to decorate your patio and if you are lucky to have a pool – that will keep kids occupied for hours!  You can also rent a bouncy castle (we can help with that!!) to let the kids use up some of the pent up energy.

Winter event or indoor event?  Movie time is always great – put on a Disney movie – kids of all ages love those and let them be taken away into a magical world while the adults mingle. Board games or puzzles are great too along with some crafts.

Looking for some theme ideas?  I did a Teddy Bear Picnic for my youngest when he turned 1.  All the kids brought their favourite stuffie to the party and I setup blankets under the tree in the backyard and we played some group games.  I also had a small bouncy castle setup for the kids to jump in.

Another popular theme is Sesame Street.  Having Elmo make a guest appearance is a great addition!

Bubbles – anything to do with bubbles is mesmerizing for little ones!  They love bubbles!! Have lot’s of bubble wands in all different sizes – kids especially love the giant ones!  You can add balloons too for more fun and colour!

Most important no matter the size or scope of your first birthday, is to make sure you take the time to enjoy the party yourself and enjoy the moment with your little one.  If you are planning a larger event, get help and don’t try to do it all yourself or you risk not being able to enjoy the party.  Ask family members to help, hire a babysitter to play with the kids or choose entertainment that includes staffing.  Your baby only turns 1 once, so be sure you are able to be a part of it!!

Looking for staffed entertainment, reach out to me for some help with this.  My company Par-T-Perfect can provide you all you need with fun and energetic Par-T-Leaders.  Join our community on Facebook and follow The Event Mom for lot’s of party and parenting ideas, inspiration and info!  Be sure to follow our blog below to be notified by email of new posts!

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